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Commercial Businesses:

Commercial businesses within the state of OK wishing to move their business to another location, or simply looking to expand their business and set up to another location, may also benefit from the full service moving specials that FCR provides. Businesses may not only have expensive electronics, equipment, and furnishings that need to be handled with care during the transferring of its relocation, but important documents that are needed to remain carefully sealed, and confined for protection from damage. FCR ascertains that such assets are carefully packed with the highest quality of protection and concealment, so that the company will maintain it’s confidentiality, while preventing loss financially due to replacement of such assets.

When the company’s merchandise is the focus of a company’s move, bulk items are needed to be moved to one location to its destination in a timely manner. This is of the utmost importance, especially when company orders need to be processed in a time crunch, and an adequate supply of the product needs to be replenished.

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