FCR is an insured company that prizes your valued goods, and does not condone acts of negligence when transporting and handling such valued possessions. You can rest assured that when you choose FCR for your moving needs, that your goods/possessions will be handled with care. Damage prevention is a high priority in the eyes of First Choice Relocation moving specialists, and due to the fully insured coverage policy that FCR offers, clients can trust that items also have a back-up coverage option, just to ease any worry.

When employing FCR as your pick for moving valuables, whether local or out of the area, you can expect nothing less the professionalism. The FCR movers and drivers are a team of personable and cheerful individuals who are dedicated and ready to work! No task is too big or too small for FCR movers, and their large team is more than equipped to handle any moving task no matter how large the assignment.

Although it may be possible to get friends or relatives to perform your moving job for little to nothing, You would only be doing yourself a disservice. Not only will these parties likely be uninsured and unlicensed, but you weigh the risk of your items not being properly packaged.

These people, although having good intentions, may have a more casual approach to packaging and moving valuables. This factor alone should be taken into consideration. Not only are they likely not knowledgeable about the materials needed to properly contain them. Moving valuable items should not be a matter that is taken lightly. Not only can your items be damaged, but you run the risk of such individuals injuring themselves.
For such reason, you should not try to cut costs in an unnecessary way when it comes to your moving project. While you mean well in saving little extra money, the reality is that you may actually end up costing more out of pocket later in replenishing damaged goods.

If you are a resident of OK, hiring the professional movers of FCR is the only realistic and responsible way to get the most efficient, affordable moving service, that will ensure the preservation of your items during it’s shipment. You will not only get a reasonable rate for your moving project, but the free boxes will go along way towards saving costs.

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