How To Choose A Moving Company

Moving on it’s own is stressful enough. You have to go through all of your belongings, pack them up, and plan logistics. Then you get to where you are going and have to unpack, meet the neighbors, and learn a whole new commute to work. And then there’s the kids and school… I’m stressed just thinking about it. And did you know that there are nearly 10,000 complaints filed about moving companies every year?! Which makes picking the right one even harder. So how do you do it? I mean you don’t want your stuff to be lost, stolen, or damaged do you?

Ask For Referrals

Thanks to things like Google and pages like Angie’s List, it is easier than ever to find a reliable moving company. Simply search and read the reviews. In the times we live in now, people definitely don’t lie in their reviews. If it is a bad company, they will be sure to let you know.

There’s A Flag On The Play!

A good and reputable moving company will not ask you for cash before you move. This is a big red flag that the business is not legitimate. If they are that hungry to get paid, don’t trust them. Also look out for movers who show up in a rented van. A professional moving company will provide their own equipment and will show up on time! So look out for these things.

Ask For Insurance

That’s right. Not only can they provide insurance for you, but it is the law to have even the basics. Insurance for their vehicles and employees. And you will not be offending anyone by asking if they have these things. A good business moving company will understand.

What Else Can You Do?

It’s never a bad idea to check with the Better Business Bureau and see if the company is listed. You may also verify their address to make sure they are the real deal.
We hope that these tips can help you choose a moving company. If you have an upcoming move, call First Choice Relocation! We will be happy to help!
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