Even though the company does not provide favoritism for any clients, and all are treated with equal value, FCR takes special interest in accommodating the elderly , who tend to have more of a difficult time than others with this already challenging task. This is especially the case when seniors suffer from decreased mobility due to health problems.

FCR will help lift the burden of moving from seniors, helping to make the transition less stressful. Elderly clients will be able to rest assured knowing that their belongings are in the hands of professionals, which will give them an ease of mind that will make their commute less pressured. When its time for elderly to retire, there’s no better feeling of success than being able to move into the home of your dreams. FCR eliminates any concerns to help assist seniors with a smooth beginning to a fruitful retirement.

The packaging of heavy items, as well as unloading them is a standard service option available that is available to all FCR moving client types, and one that will come especially in handy for the elderly. There are a variety of other types of special accommodations for the elderly that FCR can assist with include:

-The hanging of curtains and wall decor

-Sorting and setting up household items and furnishings

-The installation of Important Medical equipment

The above mentioned are only a few general examples of how FCR can accommodate the needs of senior clients. Each individual client may have their own personal needs, however, that can be factored into their moving assessment and quote. When moving is necessary for an elderly relative, but assistance cannot be extended from family members due to work scheduling, and/or other factors , one should highly consider taking advantage of FCR as a solution to lessening this complicated and stressful event.

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