FCR has offices in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Any one looking to receive a quote about a moving assignment that resides in any part of the state of Oklahoma is eligible to come in to one of the on-site office locations for a free consultation. For those who are not as close to attend a walk in, a free consultation can be arranged through the company app listed on the FCR website.

First Choice Relocation’s full moving service consists of licensed professionals who work hard to address every aspect of a client’s moving situation and route recommendations. Such details are factored into the client’s specific moving category type, which is determined with when they sit down for their free consultation. During the consultation, FCR identifies the client’s moving type, (whether commercial business, or residential etc) and then builds an assessment.

This moving assessment acts as tailored plan, written up between First Choice Relocation and the client, which includes any details and special accommodations that is best recommended and agreed upon to the client’s satisfaction. This moving assessment will also contain a final estimated quote, which remains as is and contains no hidden fees. Payment plans are personalized, based on the client’s moving type and needs, and FCR offers flexible payment options such as flat moving rates or hourly rates.

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