Best Time To Move

If you are looking to make your transition smooth with not a lot of wait time, then choosing the best time to move is important. The winter months are the slowest. This comes with many pro’s as well as many con’s. People are not moving during this time because of the weather being so cold. It can seem like unbearable work in some parts of the country to be packing and unpacking in frigid temperatures. Kids are settled into their school years, and holidays are stressful enough without adding a relocation to that. However, moving companies are slow as well. This means you can usually get all of your belongings packed, transported, and unpacked very quickly and for a lower price than you would in the summer months. Not only are there delays in the summer that make it hard to book a moving company, but the prices can be higher due to the demand. 

Seasons matter

If you have decided to move your home or office, then choosing the best time of year can help make that transition a lot easier. If you plan a move in the future, then you can research on when the best times are to move. When searching for a Tulsa moving company, you should determine when is their slowest time of year. Typically, between the months of November and December are the slowest months of the year for moving companies as many people do not move during this time. People are busy with the holidays and shopping along with parties that they choose not to move during this time. The summer months are typically very busy, so avoiding these months may prevent delaying of your move and also there may be a price difference. The best days of the week to move are typically Monday-Thursday as moving companies are not as busy. Taking into consideration the time of the year, the months, and the days that are not as busy when moving can help make the whole experience less stressful in the long run.

Call A Professional Moving Company

First Choice Relocation has helped countless citizens relocate their homes and businesses all over the country. Whether it is a move across town or a move to another state, we will get you there. You can trust your belongings to be packaged and arrive safely with the expert movers at First Choice Relocation in Broken Arrow. Send us a message or give us a call to plan your next short or long distance move. 

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