Pre-Packing Checklist For Moving

If you are about to move you want to prepare of list of things you need to do to make everything go as smooth as possible. Having a pre-packing checklist can help you get organized and ready for your packing experience. First, you want to make a list of everything you need such as boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, labels, and markers for writing on labels. Keeping one bag for overnight essentials is very important as the first night in your new place you will want to have access to all of your personal items without having to search for them. Even packing a plastic bin full of items you will need immediately at the new place will help in this regard.

How To Prepare To Move

Moving your home or business takes some preparation. You want all of your items to packed appropriately before they are moved to the new location, along with making sure you use a moving company that is dependable. Doing your research on moving companies is extremely important. You want to choose one that is fully insured, and one that has the experience to move your items. Preparing for your move in advance is important also, so be sure to check with the moving company on their availability. Stock up on all necessary items for moving such as boxes, packing supplies, and cleaning supplies. Before you move, you will need to put in a change of address so that your mail will not be delayed at the new place. Formulating a plan for moving helps to make things go smoother, and being prepared can help reduce the stress of the move.

Moving And The Weather

The weather in Oklahoma can change rapidly, so when you are deciding on a time to move you want to do this at a time of year when the weather is pretty stable. Usually, the summer months are better to move weather-wise. These months are usually the busiest times of the year for moving companies, however. You will have to plan in advance to move so that you can be sure they are available. The weather can be pretty unpredictable in the spring and fall, but if you must move during these seasons then keeping a close eye on weather systems can help you determine the best days to move.

Moving With Children And Pets

Moving can be a chaotic time for a family as their home can feel like it is turned upside down. Children and pets can feel the anxiety with all of this along with having to adapt to the new changes. When moving, it is best to arrange a sitter for your young child and pet so they do not get hurt in the process and also so you can focus on moving without having the added worry of watching over them. Moving companies can move your boxes and furniture quickly, and it helps them to not have young children or pets underfoot as they do this. Make your moving day less stressful by getting a sitter so your children and your pets can enjoy their time stress free and you can have a more efficient and timely move.

How To Pack Fragile Items When Moving

Moving your items from one place to another can feel like a very stressful time. This can be even more so when you have items that are breakable or very fragile. Wrapping them securely will help prevent any damage that may occur. For smaller items you can wrap them in paper or bubble wrap, or even your own towels and other household items like clean socks and clothing. Wrapping them securely before placing them in a box for moving can help keep them safe. For larger items that may involve a little more protection as they are not able to be boxed you can use one of your blankets and securely wrap it around the item. Even taping the corners down can help keep this secure. Large shipping plastic wrap can also come in handy if you choose to purchase this. With these tips, you should be able to have all of your items arrive safely and securely at the new address.

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